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A pair of orphaned elephants nuzzle up to a blanket which replicates the sensation of cuddling up to their mother at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s elephant orphanage in Kenya. The babies require specialised 24-hour care as they are hand-reared ahead of reintegrating them back into the wild at a later date.

Picture: DAVID SHELDRICK WILDLIFE TRUST (via Animal photos of the week - Telegraph)


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Hair By Briana Cece 


Plus-Sized Woman Rocks Bikini on Hollywood Boulevard to Promote Body Acceptance

Los Angeles is known for many things: great weather, a laidback lifestyle, and Hollywood’s biggest stars. But for many who live in La La Land, the pressure to conform to a certain beauty standard can leave them feeling downright depressed.

Six Moths Sober

At the beginning of every AA meeting, various lengths of sobriety are celebrated with a presentation of a chip or birthday cake. At my first meeting, I sat back in my chair wondering why anyone would want to celebrate 90 days without drinking. I was fucking baffled. What are these people doing at weddings? During New Years Eve? Night Clubs? This week I got my 6 month chip and all I’m trying to do is work six more months. Not just because I will have spent an entire year working through all of the resentments and amends that had kept me in my addiction but because I get a huge cake at every meeting I attend. Fuck Yeah Sobriety. 

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I knew it would happen. House of Cards will be ruining the next three days of my life. 

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